Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Devilled Eggs

Seriously, this doesn't get old. I find myself going outside to the chicken coop to check for eggs several times a day. The weather is getting nicer here so the kids and I are out there frequently giving them treats and checking to see if they left any for us. It is totally cool. Even so I can't bring myself to touch them, especially their feet. They really give me the willies. Ron gets the willies from the eggs themselves. He is a little weirded out when it comes to eating the eggs. He says he is more comfortable with the eggs from the store and that maybe he just doesn't like to know where his food comes from - animal food that is. I said that if we were real farmers he would end up being a vegan. Anyway, today I wanted to use up some of our eggs. I should say that I am not an egg lover, as in to eat an egg all by itself, but I do a lot of baking that requires eggs. I am going to have to try to change that. We have 12 chickens (6 different breeds) and they lay every 24 - 36 hours. We have so many because we have never done this before and we never thought for a minute that all 12 would survive. But they did so when all of them are laying likely by the end of the month we will have more than we know what to do with. Back to the cooking. I made devilled eggs. One kind of egg I do like. I didn't know that really fresh eggs are impossible to peel. Therefore I didn't bother with a picture. They weren't that pretty. But they sure were good. I didn't measure as usual so I'll just post what I put in there.

6 eggs, hard boiled, cut in half yolks removed
Dijon mustard
lemon juice
fresh dill
salt and pepper to taste

The lemon juice really added a little zip. Very good. Now if anyone is actually reading this and has some other good uses for eggs please let me know.


lisa said...

I'm so jealous of your fresh eggs! What colors are they? Can you post some pictures of the chickens and the eggs, please?

And egg salad is yummy. You can even use similar ingredients for the deviled eggs you made, just dice the egg. You can mix up the spices if you want. I like scrambled eggs with some tomato thrown in, and maybe onion or potato. Scrambled egg burrito with whatever strikes your fancy. Avocado, black beans are good. Salsa. Cheese, if you do that... Oh! And my grandfather's specialty was lox and eggs and onions. Saute some diced onions, add lox (aka smoked salmon), then add in the eggs (scrambled first) to cook. yum.

love your blog and you and miss you guys!

Dani said...

Did I ever tell you about the time I found chicken legs inside the chicken? I screamed so loud, I started crying. I couldn't eat the chicken, even with potatoes and gravy.

Kim said...

Thanks Lisa for the ideas. I will post some pics of our chickens and their eggs too.

Love you and miss you too!

Kim said...

Dani, tell me your chicken story. I haven't heard it.

Nicole said...

To add a little southern touch.... you can get dill pickle relish at safeway and put that in them!

danielle said...

don't know if you tried this, but I was always told to boil the eggs, then immediately put them in ice water and that helps with the peeling. I've never had uber fresh eggs like yours, but it has always worked for the eggs I've had.

PS: when you are inundated with eggs we'd love some. Madi eats scrambled eggs all the time and I like them too. Maybe we should get some chickens. Brent would really freak out!