Monday, November 24, 2008

Cute Kid Quotes

Sage saw Santa at the mall so the inevitable discussion ensued. Why isn't he at the north pole making the toys?

Me: I think the elves help make the toys.

Ron: Ya, Santa has them doing all the hard work. Do you think he pays the elves for making the toys?

Sage: No. They do it for free.

Ron: Well, does Santa at least feed the elves?

Sage: No. They use forks.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally One That Likes To Eat

I don't have much time but I thought I would post a few pics and videos.

Here is Justus taking a bath in the kitchen sink. Seems very 70's, doesn't it? He loves the water.

We have also started feeding him solids. It is so nice to finally have a kid who likes to eat. We started with sweet potato. Then we tried teff cereal, avocado, peas, carrots, green beans and a oatmeal mix of baby food. I haven't bought any baby food yet and am going to try not to. I still had some left from Rori. He has liked it all but the green beans didn't like him. A couple days ago I made carrot and turnip which he loved and froze it in ice cube trays. I also did blueberries and banana. He has also started to sleep better. He now goes 2-3 hours. I know that sounds bad but he had been waking every 1-2 hours so this feels like a big improvement. I am going to keep offering him as much as he will take in the hopes that he will sleep better and better.

In an attempt to have good and green pest control we got 2 kittens. What were we thinking? They have found a new home now.

I guess that is all I have time for now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have been laying here trying to sleep. I can't. I can't stop thinking about something that happened today. Maybe if I write it, it will go away.

Today we decided to go see a movie or I should say movies. Ron took the girls to "Madagascar" and I went to see "Changeling" with Justus. We always go to the same theatre because it is always like a ghost town. I honestly don't know how it stays in business. We like that because we always have the kids with us and many times we are the only ones in the theatre or almost. Today was different. We didn't realize it was a holiday so there was a huge line up with tons of kids to go see "Madagascar". The theatre I was in had maybe 10-12 other people in it. Now I consider myself a polite and considerate person. In the past 4 years since having kids I have left numerous movies because of fidgeting kids or kids that won't stay quiet. Not only do I leave but I do it pretty quickly. I remember the days before having kids and remember how annoying it was to hear a kid crying in the back. So today I half expected that I may not get to see the whole movie. But Justus was so good. We sat in the last row on the side, right by the door for a quick exit if need be. I nursed him for the first bit of the movie and he kind of napped. Then he woke up and was just quiet in my lap. Every now and then he would let out a quiet coo but that was about it. I had just been sitting there thinking how much I was enjoying myself (since I never do this) and how well Justus was doing. He really is a great baby. Moments later some old crotchety jackass with bionic hearing got his diaper in a wad when he must have heard Justus fart or something. He gets out of his seat maybe 3 or 4 rows up and comes over to me.

Jackass With Bionic Hearing: "Would you mind if we enjoyed our movie?" (Dripping in sarcasm)

Me: "No, not at all." I wasn't trying to be flippant at this point. I was just stunned.

Jackass With Bionic Hearing just stands there all indignant staring daggers at me.

Me: "Are you joking?"

Jackass With Bionic Hearing: "No. I am not." And he walks back to his seat while continuing to glance back at me and glare.

I could not believe it. I sat there stunned for a bit. Seriously, a baby's very quiet, happy coo was interfering with his enjoyment??? This is so North Scottsdale. I shouldn't have been surprised I guess. I slowly packed up and left. I left because I felt like I had no choice. Had I not left I have no doubt that he would have created a scene. At that point I didn't care about his enjoyment or lack of but I was concerned about bothering someone else and honestly after that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the movie anyway.

What is the matter with some people? How miserable must his life be that he can't enjoy a great movie because of a baby's occasional quiet coo. And honestly I do mean quiet. If I had thought for a second that he was bothering anyone I would have left immediately. Why have people become so intolerant? There just seems to be so much hatred, anger, self righteousness and general irritation here. I suspect it is because of all the money here. Have I mentioned lately how much I don't want to raise my kids here?

Thoughts? Comments????

And no, I don't think I do feel better.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Okay, since I am at it anyway, sleep can wait a couple minutes more.

Ron has been a huge consumer of diet sodas since he was a teen. By huge I mean everyday, sometimes a couple liters worth. I have bugged him about it so much he was just tuning me out. Then we watched the documentary "Sweet Misery". (I LOVE the documentary channel.) Since then, he (we) have completely stopped. Here is another one worth watching.

Okay, to bed now. I am so tired with Justus waking every hour or two it is likely that I won't even remember writing this in the morning.

Milk is Evil

I have been thinking in the last year that milk is evil and that it is really no good for anyone. I know that sounds really crazy to many people but it does make sense. Humans are the only mammals to consume the milk of another animal. When you think about it that way it sounds kind of gross doesn't it? I am not saying I don't like it myself, I do. I like it in all forms and it has been really difficult for me to avoid it entirely while I have been breastfeeding but I do, usually. Actually, it is really hard to avoid. It is in EVERYTHING. It is way easier to avoid gluten than it is to avoid dairy. (Try both simultaneously!) I grew up thinking that milk was necessary in your diet to get enough calcium. Turns out that isn't the case. I was allergic to dairy as a baby, my mom tells me and I was slow to gain weight. When switched to soy formula I gained weight quickly. But after that for who knows why my doctor told my mom to go back to cows milk formula. Anyway, as an adult I thought I was not allergic anymore. Then I had to cut it out of my diet 100% while nursing Rori. Then when she weened I started eating it again. That was when I noticed issues with it. Terrible stomach pains when I had it. Did that deter me? No. Of course not. The pain eventually went away. Now in hindsight I know that Sage was sensitive to it too. What I didn't know back then was that in order to see if your breastfed baby is sensitive to it you need to eliminate it from your diet 100% for about 2 weeks. It can stay in your breast milk and in your body for that long. Now nursing Justus I figured it out right from the very start. In my personal opinion colic = milk sensitivity. Since then I have read about many different symptoms of milk sensitivity that range from the expected "big D" (diarrhea) to anxiety, cough, depression and insomnia. Since all 5 of us in this house have some kind of issue with dairy it has led me to believe that dairy is evil. Then I came upon a documentary called "White Mischief". Now I feel vindicated. If you have some time (45 minutes) please check this out. It is well worth your time.