Friday, May 22, 2009

Translation Please - Part 2

Here are the translations.

1. "I'm stuck!" This is what she was screaming when she had crawled into the dryer and got herself high centered trying to get out.

2. This is her saying her full name. "Rori Raine Sanders."

3. "I'm going to brush my teeth."

4. "I'm pooping now!" This was shouted at panic volume. I came running into the bathroom to find her standing in the sink with one hand holding the mirror for balance and the other one with a death grip on her bum cheek. She had apparently been applying make-up when the urge caught her off guard. Oh the indignity of being two.

5. "Chocolate milk."

6. "I don't need a diaper anymore. I am big now." She should really be saying that she is big again since this is the second time around with the whole potty training thing.

7. "Justus Ronan is eating bird poop." I had hoped that I misunderstood this one. But no, I went out to the patio where he had crawled and had been innocently, or so I had thought, entertaining himself. He turned around to look at me when I called his name and sure enough there was bird poop all over his chin, lips and tounge.

8. "Dinosaur." This is what she was screaming as she ran down the hallway to my room in the middle of the night. "hinasore hayseen me." "Dinosaur is chasing me."

9. "May I please sleep with you?"

10. "Kiya (our dog) is sleeping with me." (Hopefully Kiya will protect her from those damn dinosaurs that keep chasing her.

11. "Here Mommy, Boogie." Lovely.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Translation Please

A big part of my day is trying to decipher my 2 year old's speech. I swear she is working with about half of the alphabet, at best. She gets so frustrated in repeating everything she says, that she says it louder and louder until she is screaming it. I think she thinks I am deaf. Sometimes I repeat back to her what I have heard and she will say "YA!" (Ya, you dummy, that's what I said!) We often have to get Sage to be our interpreter. So let's play a little game. How many of these can you figure out?

1. Huck Me!

2. ho -e hane handus

3. me hus me heef

4. me poopeen now!

5. haucat heok

6. no hypa, me hig now

7. husus honan eeteen hurdpoop

8. hinasore

9. heepitoo?

10. hiya heepeen hit me.

11. heer mommy, hoogy

Okay, can you figure any of these out? I would love to see your comments with some guesses. I'll post the translations in a day or two.

It's Mother's Day today and as my gift Ron took the girls out of the house so I could have some quiet time (Justus is napping). This is the absolute best gift I could receive. There is NO gift that could be better than some time to myself. Before I had kids I hated being alone and had to fill in those times with phone conversations or TV or something like that but now since having kids I just can't get enough time alone. (Honestly it is a rare thing.) I used to look at those people who went to movies or restaurants alone and think they were pathetic loners who couldn't even come up with one friend or family member to go with them. I now know that those people are parents and they are loving that time alone. So Happy Mother's Day to all you tireless moms. Here's wishing you some peace and quiet all by yourself!