Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank You ~ My Amazing New Shun Knife

In December one of my favorite blogs was having a Holiday Giveaway. Brian, from Fire and Salt, contacted several companies to participate. These companies generously donated some very cool items to be given away. I entered to win and unbelievably did win. I won an incredible Shun knife, courtesy of Kai USA. To be completely honest with you I had never heard of Shun knives. I must have been living under a rock. This knife is amazing. I have never had or even used a knife like this. Even my ever skeptical husband proclaimed "Geez! I think you could shave with this thing." I am loving this knife and am incredibly impressed with it's performance. I had become accustomed to my knives chopping at irregular angles and needing to use considerable effort aka muscle. With this knife I can cut very precise and even cuts. The knife is balanced, weighty and comfortable in your hand. It is so sharp that you need almost no effort at all to cut through anything. This makes prepping/cutting/preparing so much faster. Now the problem of course is that I am going to need more of these because I now know how completely inadequate all of my other knives are. So thank you to Brian at Fire and Salt and Kai USA for my new Shun Classic Ultimate Cooks Kitchen Knife. I love it.

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